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Restaurant Industry Moves Forward On Health Care Reform

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October 22, 2010

Health care reform legislation has left restaurateurs, attorneys and accounting professionals questioning what can be done to adapt to its changes, and many fear the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will cut into earnings, force price increases and slow growth.

Accounting and consulting firm J.H. Cohn held a live symposium and webinar in New York last week helping operators learn what to expect in the coming years. The program, titled “Healthcare Reform, Serving The Hospitality Industry: What’s On The Menu For Your Next Open Enrollment,” discussed a number of key issues operators will face as the new requirements are phased in.

During the session on executive plans, Keith McMurdy said, “The hospitality industry is really big on giving extra special plans to executives.”

As a result, McMurdy recommended that one solution might be for operators to make all employees eligible for all plans. And though he indicated that most employees would not choose to pay the higher premium and trade up to more expensive premium plans, a company could potentially sweeten the offer by increasing the rate it pays toward coverage.

But, McMurdy added, “We don’t even know what would happen with that. The guidance so far is unclear.”

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