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"I was very impressed by the genuine interest attorneys had--and the amount of time they spent--evaluating my assignments with me and using each assignment as an opportunity to teach me something new."
2010 Summer Associate

The only song that should have a surprise at the end is "Pop Goes the Weasel."

At Fox, we believe that evaluations at the end of the Summer Program should never pop out of a box. In fact, we believe that feedback is an ongoing process that works better without surprises.

Our summer associates receive constructive, substantive feedback from their supervising attorney, both on an assignment-by-assignment basis, and through formal mid- and end-of-summer evaluations. Feedback comes from every attorney our summer associates work with — so associates receive a complete and balanced report on their progress. In addition, summer associates are reviewed by the Hiring Partner as well as the Director of Professional Recruitment. The end result is a thoughtful and constructive evaluation process designed to promote growth and professional development.

While summaries of your work assignments are certainly valuable, there's no substitute for reading the actual written evaluation. Part of Fox's unique approach to candid feedback is that we enable and encourage summer associates to read and ask questions about their actual evaluations. What better way to learn, move ahead, and begin to build your career?

"The advice and support my supervising attorney and associate-mentor provided was valuable and critical to shaping my summer experience. I also appreciated the informal mentorship of other associates at the firm, who would frequently stop by my office just to chat and offer general advice. It was a very collegial atmosphere."
2010 Summer Associate

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